DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolA practitioner asks: “Source Creator, I know healing of the fallen angelics is covered in the LHP. I’m also guessing that as fallen angelics are removed through healing by the LHP that others from elsewhere in the galaxy come in through spirit portals to continue to prey on humanity. From what I recall of the information received through Karl from Creator, spirits or beings who are of the darkness can be held in place by the nets of light, while light-filled beings can freely move out of these light-nets. How helpful would it be to add in our requests to have spirits utilizing these intragalactic portals be netted in light to hold them safely in place and added to our LHP client list? Is this type of a request one that would preserve the purpose of the portals while providing the means to remove more of the fallen angelics from this galaxy?”
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

This would in fact be a helpful request to make. While seeming to be a practical strategy from human-level perspectives, it is not so far from the truth even for the angelic realm in the lower astral plane energies. So even though practitioners among the light beings are out and about because they have been requested to do repeated sessions again and again and again, doing the work requires always personal decisions and discretion about how broad a net to cast in carrying out each request, given the fact that the entire Milky Way Galaxy is the scope of each and every session. So that implies if sessions are to be done repeatedly and as rapidly as possible, there must be decisions made in striking a balance with regard to how much time and effort is expended on each and every step, with each and every iteration of the Protocol. So even though light beings can essentially work miracles from the human perspective in accomplishing a tremendous amount of interactions, taking almost no time as would be seen by a human observer, there are still practical elements in the demands for healing attention with the multitude of interactions that must be examined and sorted among, even to devise the optimal strategy to work on a particular entity, let alone all the entities.

So anything to help streamline things contributed by human ingenuity can add to efficiency because the divine is always working within the constraints of human ignorance, because that creates the border separating human intention from the divine and what it is capable of. We cannot exceed our charter as defined by human requests. So in this case, there would be an advantage in having a kind of trapping and holding action ongoing so that the spirit meddlers can be corralled and constrained until they are effectively dealt with to send them to a proper location to undergo rehabilitation in earnest, so this would be a useful addition to the Lightworker Healing Protocol.