DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Corruption of Human InstitutionsDid the Extraterrestrial Alliance, which was supporting the Axis Powers in WWII, not care if the U.S. Allied forces won the war, this being another way to kill a lot of people? It seems like the Alliance could have applied more pressure than they did. What is the true story here?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

The true story is that this owes more to divine intervention than the Extraterrestrial Alliance being complacent in seeing the fortunes turn against the Axis Powers in pursuing the world conquest that was the goal. This was achieved through divine means to, in effect, sneak up on them in a way that it became unstoppable, short of a more direct involvement of extraterrestrial forces they wished to avoid, as it would complicate their long-standing practice of staying hidden behind the scenes, so this would have risked exposing their presence and they chose to allow the U.S. and their allies to create great mayhem and loss of life. So while this did not lead to world annihilation of the human population, but ended up stabilizing things, it nonetheless precipitated the deaths of many, many combatants and much collateral loss of civilian lives in addition. So this was the next best thing and simply became another unplanned but interesting twist and turn in what played out and they have simply adapted their plans to go from there and continue to manipulate and subvert things as they see fit. So nothing has really changed in their plans, there has only been a diversion for a while and things are now heading back towards the original goal once again in earnest.