DWQA QuestionsCategory: Animal IssuesMy client asks: “Will getting the older female cat from the shelter as a companion for my cat prove to be a good idea? How can we tell?”
Nicola Staff asked 12 months ago

This will be a good idea but is not necessary. The cat is quite happy with the status quo, so this is not something that is of great importance for the cat’s quality of life. It would be a net positive to do so and would be, in that way, a blessing. It would work out with some acclimation. Things are always a potential source of uncertainty and sorting through, when there has been a long‑standing presence on one’s territory and a newcomer shows up. If this is understood, things can go smoothly by allowing the two to get to know each other over time and build a bridge to one another. Once it is clear the newcomer is here to stay and is accepted by the humans present, that will signal a need to warm up and engage with an overture of friendship to the new cat, which will be quite eager to be accepted in seeing an improvement over its current situation with the swirl of energies it contends with and the turmoil. So if an introduction is made with an understanding there will likely be a period of standoffishness at first, allowing the animals to find their way will allow things to develop naturally and eventually, a solid friendship will develop, so this will be a benefit to all as long as the two can be supported going forward.