DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mercenary Army Program (SSP)Do all Mercenary Army Program (Secret Space Program) abductees go through mind control programming where their personality is split into different “alters?” If so, what is the best process for healing this? Does the Lightworker Healing Protocol address this in any fashion, and if so, how?
Nicola Staff asked 7 months ago

This is the case that all those in the Mercenary Army Program have a kind of dual self created. This can include what are, in effect, additional subpersonalities as well. This is done for convenience of memory compartmentalization. It is easier to keep secrets if part of the mind is walled off and sequesters knowledge of its doings from inspection by the rest of the being, but can be called up, in effect, to surface and be the most prominent part of the individual. This is what happens to individuals in that sinister program—they are operating as a secondary aspect of the self, and in this way, once that aspect is submerged once again to become subconscious, the original part of the mind the person grows up experiencing will resume the life and will not be aware at all that things have happened in the interim. They are safely sequestered and stored away for a future time when the person is recalled to duty.

In the same fashion, there are subparts that can be created for tactical purposes, and this is done to coerce the person into performing unpleasant duties that serve the program, but may go against their personal morality—things such as sexual servicing of other recruits and targeted killings. This is why the many books have been written about work of the CIA and other government intelligence agencies and military groups, as well as individuals in the mental health professions, who have adopted strategies to subvert individuals by fragmenting them and creating personality alters to create a slave of some kind to do their bidding. They are simply transferring knowledge they have learned directly or indirectly from others working with the extraterrestrials.

The answer for healing this is contained within the Lightworker Healing Protocol and happens on multiple levels. It is done through all of the advanced healing techniques designed to go across time domains and make changes. The Quantum Healing and the Soul Matrix work, in particular, have the most powerful benefits, and when coupled with the ability to do the deep trauma resolution and belief replacement work to round out the picture, can undo the harm caused here. These are challenging because of the self‑acceptance by the individuals who have been modified in this way, and because it is not consciously perceived. This, as well, is a barrier to effective treatment for most. This is why the Lightworker Healing Protocol is so very valuable for these kinds of situations, because the divine realm can be brought to bear on the problem and will know how to rework things using the tools requested, for this is how the divine realm heals such problems. The ease and speed involved will be highly variable and will depend on all that has happened and the makeup of the individual themselves with respect to vulnerability and their karmic history in how closely it aligns with a corrupted state. Some people are a larger project than others, but all can be benefited greatly by the healing work.