DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mercenary Army Program (SSP)It is understood that Mercenary Army Program abductees and others, such as those subjected to Illuminati mind control programming, undergo a more severe form of subjugation. What is the best method for deprogramming and does the Lightworker Healing Protocol address this directly, and if so, how?
Nicola Staff asked 7 months ago

These manipulations and alterations of the being are very akin to the subconscious programming done routinely across the board for all human beings, at least in the attempt to modify thinking and beliefs. The further sculpting of individual differences and makeup through direct manipulation of the mind to create altered emotional states and functional states of being so the person can be used as a more robotic operative to carry out tactical plans without hesitation or emotional reservations, is a greater intrusion than what the masses are subjected to.

The answer here is divine healing. While this can be probed through psychological means to some degree, most will be inaccessible material because it is very, very deep and so will be unreachable in most cases, except through a channeling approach, and this limits the practicality for dealing with large groups of people suffering from this kind of intrusion in their mind and the manipulation to serve the cabal or the Mercenary Army Program. The divine realm can do the healing, and this is why the Lightworker Healing Protocol is so very valuable a tool. It does not rely on human hands to carry things out, but rather makes requests of the divine to do so—that is the key distinction. The list of techniques and categories of need carries within them broad latitude to reach every aspect of negativity and inner discord that can complicate a person’s life or maintain their vulnerability to further manipulation and subjugation by any overseers wanting to manipulate them further. The ability to go across time domains and to alter what has happened to manipulate and modify their thinking, is provided by a number of the techniques requested. The divine realm can follow the threads of what has happened and will know and understand the best way and the best point at which to intervene to undo what has taken place and free the person from the consequences of the victimization altogether.

The usual complications apply—that the person who has been harmed has the greatest say in all that happens, and because the damage is almost entirely in the subconscious reaches of the mind, it leaves the conscious self quite helpless with respect to participating in a meaningful way with the healing, and doing anything to influence its progress other than having the intention for healing to happen, and not choosing to hinder or sabotage things by engaging in a dark alliance once again for some reason, and inviting a retooling and overhaul of prior handiwork which could leave them back where they started. If you trust in the divine, miracles can happen.