DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human Lost Soul SpiritsDo spirit beings experience time the same way we do while they are caught in the limbo state?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

Time is experienced in a similar way, but is actually worse for them because they have no reference point to judge the passage of time and nothing to do but fend off tormentors and their own dark thoughts that may be coming. Depending on the state of awareness of a spirit in limbo, there can be a range of experiences, from being quite impaired with little awareness of any outside energy, or acutely aware of spirit attackers taunting them and reminding them of their past feelings to mock and shame them. As you know, there may also be a real awakening of past lifetime experiences that begin to come into awareness and can be a source for considerable anguish, as they cannot be discerned as being the past and not the present dilemma, as a consequence of their state of being.

Time, in fact, it appears to go much more slowly and can seem like an eternity after a few weeks or months of being in limbo. This applies whether the person is simply lost and cut off with no awareness and is, in effect, in a state of being buried alive with no sensations or stimuli of any kind, or at the other extreme, having scenes and circumstances impulsed to them by a dark spirits and then tormented by the spirits who may give them the sensation of having a physical body they then torture. They can construct many scenes and scenarios to put that spirit, as a person, into a drama of some kind that turns nightmarish and over which the lost soul spirit has no real control. This vulnerability can lead to a state of chronic torture. This, too, seems more interminable to a lost soul spirit than to a living flesh and blood person. These are all reasons that make doing spirit rescue work quite compelling, for the level of need is great because the level of suffering is so great.