DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Genetic ManipulationsDo the advanced technologies of the Extraterrestrial Alliance used to manipulate humans contribute to the phenomenon of somatic mosaicism, wherein individual cells among tissues develop genetic mutations that can alter cellular function and cause trouble? If so, does this happen on a wide scale involving environmental energies from the mass communication technologies, or some other means?
Nicola Staff asked 7 months ago

This, in fact, is widespread involving every human being, and the reason is there is a sensitivity to electromagnetic frequencies in the environment, primarily, that are the cause of this. Some is targeted and focused to cause mayhem for particular targeted individuals of high interest to the Extraterrestrial Alliance, needing to be subdued or impaired to take them out of action, so to speak. But the general population is subjected to many environmental insults that cause genetic perturbation. This happens with many of the electromagnetic energies attendant to uses of technology. This includes the house wiring with alternating current as well as the cell phone emanations of microwave frequencies. All are designed to cause harm and this is a primary means of doing so. This genetic alteration builds through time and erodes function bit by bit. This tips the balance into causing defects on many levels and eventually in taking a toll on repair mechanisms, primarily. There will be a point of no return when the problems mount and then cannot be readjusted to regain homeostatic balance within a normal range. At that point, the consequences will become more and more noticeable as symptoms of illness or aging appear, and there will not be a discernible cause or explanation, nor will there be a feasible treatment. It is too vague and nonspecific, and beyond the reach of medical science at this point. All such damage can be undone through the Lightworker Healing Protocol, and all of these influences are currently included within the Protocol. So this gives more definition to why those energies are so destructive, and why this is a cumulative process but can be surmounted.