DWQA QuestionsCategory: Interdimensional ActivityDo the alien spirit portals have any other uses supporting the alien agenda besides facilitating spirit possession?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

These were initially introduced to enable a greater penetration of manipulating energies. These are scalar energies not electromagnetic, and so their purpose is to make subtle but meaningful manipulations of the body energy field. This is to weaken the person in many respects, physically, mentally, emotionally, and it has spiritual consequences although they do not recognize that as such. Their primary agenda is simply to diminish the reach of humans in every respect. In this way, humans are all primed and ready to be suppressed energetically and are vulnerable. The energetic attacks can be launched at any time, so this will help to protect individuals in the same way it protects them from spirit meddler infestation.

It is difficult for the divine realm to truly shield people from external manipulation by the extraterrestrials if people themselves allow having an open door in their very own energy. We understand this is a kind of penalty created outside their conscious awareness, but that is what life is all about—learning, growth, tuning in, making creative probings of how things work, and seeking betterment of the self and one another. Humans must discover most things themselves and recognize the value of their discoveries, and share them. This is the purpose of the exercise, to develop the ability to work together, to share, to seek a common goal and reward that will bring security and prosperity for everyone. Anything done for selfish reasons will detract and slow things down. The negative things that happen act as the incentive to improve current life, so all sources of negativity deserve investigation and creative plans devised to overturn them. This you are doing in developing your Lightworker Healing Protocol, and this is a role model for others.