DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divinely Inspired MessengersDo whales also have twin flames like humans? Is it also the case that such relationships are “against the rules” and discouraged for whales as they are for humans when incarnated? How do their love relationships mirror those of humans, and how do they differ?
Nicola Staff asked 8 months ago

The love relationships of whales parallel the human fairly closely. Being a group of creatures with a collective soul, they do not have soulmates in the sense of twin flames specifically created to be lifelong partners through all of time as a fundamental reality and benefit. So whales have a more eclectic and variable series of relationships. They will be loyal to a mate if they remain in proximity so the relationship can be nurtured and maintained through periodic contact to keep the bonds strong. If separated for long spans of time or through the death of a partner, they will find another mate, as is true for most humans as well. There is nothing wrong with this because love is important and is something everyone needs and deserves. To sacrifice oneself in the name of a departed loved one is an affront to them as well as one’s own soul in being a kind of death wish in honor of the departed when the departed being will actually look on in horror with that sort of choice. They do not wish to be party to an enormous karmic wound caused by their departure—that puts an unfair burden on them as a kind of perpetrator which is not deserved except perhaps through an act of suicide which will not happen for other species than human.