DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mercenary Army Program (SSP)Does my client have extraterrestrial involvement from abductions and/or service in the Secret Space Program (Mercenary Army Program)? What was the origin and purpose of the unusual thing we saw in her head in our scanning?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

Unfortunately, this is the case. It is the reason she contacted you to begin with. She was divinely guided to do so, knowing you would understand this special history and its meaning and consequences. So this is very much a good match and you can be of great service to her to guide her through what will be necessary going forward to successfully detach herself from their influence.

What you saw symbolically represents an advanced extraterrestrial implant peculiar to those being used for high-level manipulations to carry out assignments as needed. It is both gathering intelligence information about her perceptions, experiences, and knowledge, as well as guiding her thoughts and actions at times, so it is very much a sinister manipulation and a hazard to her well-being. It is not in the interest of her soul to be used and exploited in this way, as everything she does to serve the extraterrestrials is a corruption of her being and her soul and adds negative karma to her obligations. So the clearing you performed was a true and special blessing in her case because this implant was removed and she will be under divine watch. The key is for her to stand strong now and not give in to attempts to manipulate her again. This will be inevitable and can be resisted with a combination of a conscious desire and divine support.

As long as she aligns her free will to avoid extraterrestrial contact, the divine can help her to stand strong and resist entreaties. If there is a greater level of manipulation that does happen, there may be limits to the protection, but the goal is always to lower the interest of the Extraterrestrial Alliance in your client, and then a more serious engagement and attempted manipulation will not arise. Having them reduce their interest in her so she eventually drops off of the roster being called upon for duty will allow an extensive period for inner healing and further distancing from the operations of the Mercenary Army Program, all of which helps her to detach herself from their grip. The ongoing healing can accomplish this if she is on board and desiring this to be so.