DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mercenary Army Program (SSP)What can we share with this client who has Mercenary Army Program involvement about the karmic origins of her major issues: blocked career, anxiety and numbness, and trouble finding an appropriate life partner? How can we further serve her for her healing?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

You can share with her the awareness this is happening, as she is strong and internally knows there are deep dark things that are disquieting and that is the reason for her disaffection with the military service she experienced. There is a subconscious awareness more happened that was of a sinister nature that continues to be a major source of worry. The major problem is the inner turmoil stirred up by her service during her military involvement in the Mercenary Army Program. It started earlier and is the reason she ended up in the military to begin with, but there was a revisiting and a further tour of duty done in the middle of her Navy experience, and that is making it all very acute and a fresh wounding. Any civilian plans are of no concern to the Extraterrestrial Alliance and, in fact, will be discouraged to keep her isolated and at the ready for duty. They know full well that people can become torn between the history with the Extraterrestrial Alliance program and the imposed loyalty, sense of duty, and manipulation to make people believe they are volunteering for something wondrous and of the greatest importance for world safety, and the broader appeal of a normal life to have love, and family, and a satisfying career of some kind when they are in a civilian mode. So this is a natural source of friction for all former recruits, to maintain their equilibrium and find some way to be happy when not in service any longer, at least for a time, to the Extraterrestrial Alliance.

The Lightworker Healing Protocol work will be of great importance for her, to help with the healing needed to break free. This will truly serve her soul and is a higher duty than anything even than service to humanity as a physical being present on the planet in the current incarnation. After all, stewardship of the soul is the highest goal and serves the human family as well when people attend to this primary obligation. It is better to be in a family that is strong, vibrant, and in divine alignment, than an agglomeration of wounded veterans with many soul injuries and distortions caused by trauma and disruption of the divine assignment and a virtuous path, with many torn by corruption and wrongdoing instigated through propaganda and mind control manipulation. To further help her, it would be ideal to do sessions with subconscious channeling and trauma resolution in combination. That would aid her and speed up the healing to make it more effective and quicker to achieve. As you know, this is a time of risk for everyone because of the accelerated planning by the Extraterrestrial Alliance. So the members of the Mercenary Army Program on active duty or in between tours are all at risk of being recalled and launched into battle, the consequences of which can be grave, not only in what the future might hold for them if humanity is decimated and there is nowhere to return, at which point they would likely be annihilated themselves, it is the further karmic burden of having contributed to the demise of humanity and have a karmic debt to pay that would be the greater calamity. This need not happen if enough healing is accomplished to help her separate from their control more fully.