DWQA QuestionsCategory: High Level Psychic Attacks, CursesDoes my client [name withheld] believe she is unable to eat or drink because of the voodoo curse put on her or because of the spirit meddlers within her? Is she a candidate for a Soul Reset?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

Here is another example of an individual that would benefit from Soul Reset. It is not just that she is being cursed, which indeed is true, it is that the curse is so taken to heart and then its consequences amplified by her own inner beliefs and her own great fear she is doomed. The spirit attachments possessing her are using this opportunity to wreak further havoc, to really accentuate the negative and in a sense, step on the gas to amplify her fear even greater, and to have this prey on her and be ever present in her thoughts to the exclusion of anything else. This preoccupation is hugely destructive because then she is contributing to the energy of the symptoms by focusing on them and watching for them to worsen, and then of course they do. This has been a downward spiral that has rendered her less and less able to function physically as well as mentally. So it is a combination of these dark influences, which of course have an interplay in all cases where outside high-level psychic attacks will be used by dark spirits to advantage, both to penetrate the aura and gain access to the individual and also to use those energies to engage with the darkest elements of the client’s history to awaken memories and add to the grief and torment subconsciously, and this makes the fear highly magnified as well. All of these are ongoing in this client.

So a Soul Reset is in order here. It is not only that she has this overlay of psychic attacks that limits her, it is that she has inner vulnerabilities as well, and in addition, there are karmic links to her tormentors from the physical who launched the psychic attacks against her. So there is much healing needed for a number of individuals here. To undo this karmic history and to bring healing for her perpetrators is an essential ingredient for a successful resolution. This will take time, but it will be effective. In the meantime, she needs to be ignoring the remaining symptoms, as you have told others, and this will help her cope while she is waiting for them to disappear.