DWQA QuestionsCategory: Spirit PossessionDoes Tantric sex pose risks for spirit attachment?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

This is very much the case. If there is an intuitive outreach that is non-divine in focus, the spirits will line up to be available to join in with the exchange of energy and the energy, in particular, of their new host coming through the sexual experience. It is one of a great surge of divine energy coming through, and the spirits who may be present attached to the chakras will benefit as well. If not already infested, one who reaches out to the beyond during a sexual experience, invites interlopers of all kinds to join the party, so to speak, and this may be the beginning of lifelong attachments.

As we have cautioned—any divine outreach needs to be done with divine protection in place, even when reaching to a divine source or figure, there needs to be a request for protection first. This is not so important with an ordinary sexual experience, which is a focusing on the partner and the self and not inviting outside participation. It is a divine act that is inherently special and facilitated by Creator in each and every experience unless there is a willful desire to exclude Creator from partnership with the person.

So under ordinary circumstances, sex is not a risk. If the focus of sexual desire is a perversion of love—to make the focus one of force and subjugation of another for a dark purpose, the gateway to the darkness will open for that individual. And their perpetrating an act of manipulation of an intrusive nature will likely be enforced by spirit meddler infiltration using that dark energy as a kind of carrier wave allowing them to penetrate the person’s defenses.