DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial SpiritsDo the alien spirits who come intermittently and help direct the spirit meddlers to fresh targets also access the akashic record to see what could cause a disturbance for the person and thereby make them more vulnerable to spirit attacks being successful, resulting in attachment?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

This is very much routine. The extraterrestrial spirits are quite adept at sizing up a human and looking at their recent history to see what ails them, what their vulnerabilities might be and what karmic events as well within the akashic record that are still a sore spot. And they will cause this to surface within the memory of the deep subconscious to stir things up and to revisit and re-agonize over hurts of the past.

And this increase in fear, especially when focused on a dark event and the energies surrounding it will be a vibrational match to the spirit meddlers and this serves as a kind of invitation because it will be creating a state of openness to those energies. And in addition, the person will radiate that energy outward and this serves as a beacon to attract the spirit meddlers who are like-minded to come and explore this individual. And they will beam in on those very same energies to their source within the person and by gaining entrance to that energy field, will penetrate and gain a foothold.