DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaWas our current Divine Human Experiment created in response to requests from our light being souls to Creator for another physically-based opportunity to go back and ask for healing for the misdeeds we did while incarnating as the extraterrestrial species that are tormenting us now?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This was not the creation of humans. This was Creator’s idea to launch the divine human enterprise. What happened then was many soul beings volunteered to serve and very much wanted to have healing for transgressions and difficulties experienced as part of other civilizations you see as extraterrestrials, being non-earth in origin. As you can imagine, the consequence of living a life when you are varying from the divine path can develop many liabilities that persist karmically and will weigh the person down and hinder their future progress. So this was seen as an opportunity by Creator to allow further expansion and healing of human beings to give them an opportunity to work through their karmic difficulties in a new setting where they were given every advantage through a more advanced configuration, and have a way to heal old business by expressing love in new ways, and having a greater opportunity and greater reach to obtain healing in partnership with the divine for any unfinished business that could be a negative factor in their progress, and would at once take care of obligations and allow them to move forward more certainly and in a more rapid fashion, especially through avoiding risks of further incarnations among a depraved culture that would most surely add to the damage. This is part of the plan, in fact, to bring in broad healing for all who have faltered along the way in creating the aggregate of civilizations with free agency and free will, and help to overcome the mistakes and the error of disconnecting from the divine and being left to the temptations of ego, as happened with the fallen angelics who are the great scourge now of beings in the physical plane within your galaxy. So this question is partly correct and partly incorrect.