DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial InterlopersDr. Peck wrote, “… the sicker the patients – the more dishonest in their behavior and distorted in their thinking – the less able we are to help them with any degree of success. When they are very distorted and dishonest, it seems impossible.” What is Creator’s perspective?
Nicola Staff asked 1 day ago

Many have commented that the so-called “character disorders,” including those devoid of compassion and concern for others, because of extreme narcissism or even a pathological state where they are true sociopaths or psychopaths without a conscience altogether, is because of faulty wiring, that there are circuits simply not working in those individuals, so the machine of the mind is simply broken and no one truly knows how to do a repair to undo that extreme level of dysfunction. That is simply making a human-level analogy to electronic circuitry, whereas the mind is an expression of consciousness, a much more elegant, energetic, information-rich expression of the soul and far more intricate and wondrous than electronic gadgetry. Those who are refractory to psychiatric help often have such conduct, such character disorders as extreme narcissism, or various degrees of sociopathic behavior and makeup that becomes such a limitation that helping them is unlikely, and an impractical undertaking because the tools are simply not available to bridge the gap and make up for what is missing within such individuals.

Here again shows the folly of assuming things that seem ephemeral, like spirituality, are the province of religion and not science, when what is missing is a normal ability to connect to the higher self as a bridge between the physical domain and the soul level still residing within the heavenly realm. It is the higher self that is the seat of conscience. When one becomes disconnected to an extreme degree from their higher self, it cannot warn the person when they are flirting with disaster, engaged in wrongdoing, going against divine principles that will get them into trouble and bring a harmful backlash of some kind. That is the purpose of the conscience, to help people stay within normal bounds and not suffer the consequences of too great an excess from misconduct done in the heat of the moment by giving in to extreme emotions, for example. So the idea that these people have “wires missing” is a very apt analogy in describing this dilemma of being disconnected, literally, from their divinity. As that is choked off more and more as a consequence of trauma, people will gradually lose the ability to feel remorse or guilt, and they lose the ability to love and care for others, so the only thing that is rewarding is to get something for the self, and that is an invitation to disaster in the seeking of power at the expense of others.