DWQA QuestionsCategory: Transition (Crossing Over)For an elderly person who is languishing in a compromised physical state that is not reversible, and perhaps further compromised by some degree of dementia, how frequently would it be possible to encourage them successfully, to transition to the light by doing a channeling of their deep subconscious to address its fears and help them understand there are loving light callers available to take them home whenever they are ready?
Nicola Staff asked 10 months ago

We see this as beneficial to more than half of such individuals. Approximately 60% could be assisted fairly readily to move in the best direction for them which would be to transition and escape the torments of a declining physicality. There is no divine imperative to stay to the bitter end of a long tortuous decline. This is not the same as committing an act of suicide when there is more life to be lived, more challenges to be addressed, and more sacrifices that would be surrendered prematurely if there are karmic obligations to do a rebalancing or payback in some respect.

To take the easy way out and sidestep this karmic consequence simply delays its implementation and may amplify it further because that is a karmic wrong being committed. But when a person truly reaches a point where they are aging out of the system, so to speak, and are clinging to life perhaps as the would-be benefit to having good genes conferring longevity, but other things have intruded to cause chronic illness and infirmity, and yet the body continues to thrive in other respects, the person is essentially trapped as a chronic patient requiring much care by others. That may be at considerable cost, to drain a family’s resources and constrain others from doing useful things with their life other than caring for someone who will never regain their former life because things have progressed too far in causing impairment. This is not a divine purpose being expressed any longer but rather a prolongation of karmic consequences beyond their true need to learn a life lesson.

Once suffering has reached the point where someone has received the understanding of what it is like to endure and suffer through the particular manifestation, it is often possible to request healing, and that will be granted. When someone has reached a very advanced stage of decline, full recovery will likely not be in the cards, so to speak, because they are truly reaching a major exit point that was preplanned, and this has truly been the fulfillment of karmic restitution in most cases, where a person’s life is being ended because of other traumas that came before being revisited and causing the infliction of suffering, allowing the person to pay a kind of restitution or rebalancing needed to clear that karmic history once and for all. This, too, can be truncated in the same fashion as someone who is truly a victim of prior suffering coming around again. If suffering is due to their act as a perpetrator causing harm to others, this still does not mean their suffering must be interminable, it all depends on many factors, primarily on the level of spiritual growth the person has managed to achieve.

If there has been no change in perspective, the karmic imperative may continue to cause severe consequences and healing cannot be granted, but if there has been enlightenment, to some degree, there can be divine forgiveness to take them enough of the way they at least escape the most severe consequences, and suffering can be alleviated. But this can be used simply as an opportunity to end things once and for all and avoid the many complications, the great amount of work that would be involved to obtain the healing, and the time for it to play out often being lengthy and with much unhappiness in the interim. It would be better for many in such a circumstance to be encouraged to leave and take the lesson with them but end the pain in the present by returning to the light. This would be a great blessing to bestow and because it can be facilitated readily via subconscious channeling, would be a true godsend for many in this circumstance. It would be equally valuable even for those to whom an early demise might not be allowed because whatever cleanup and encouragement is done will still prepare them for their eventual passing.

No one will live forever, so we’re talking about the difference of a few years, in most instances, between someone escaping somewhat early, versus someone mandated to remain to the full extent of what is physically possible for them, which may be, in many cases, only a decade. The ability to retain a belief in the afterlife being a blessing is a tremendous benefit to all, because this could well assist them to cooperate fully with the light callers and avoid becoming an earthbound spirit, and having the suffering continue while they are in limbo, so the effort would never be wasted.