DWQA QuestionsCategory: ReincarnationHe also asks: “Also, one question keeps coming to me about the synchronicity surrounding getting my old dog back as the last puppy in the litter. He is an amazing personality and spirit, and he is really cute and was full size and healthy, so why was he still available as the last puppy in the litter and passed over by all of the other buyers? I would guess there’s a very interesting story about that!” Is that so?
Nicola Staff asked 10 months ago

This, in fact, is the case as you suspect. Because he was destined to be with you through the strong intention of your love reaching out and wanting so to have him back in your life, he as well wanted to honor your love for him and return to you, as his love for you is great as well and he greatly values the friendship and love you showed him during his lifetime. So this sequence of events, through being incarnated in a litter with the plan for you to link up, is always somewhat of a bold move because things unforeseen can happen at times and then the opportunity could be missed, and in this case there was ongoing hesitation on your part to not move as quickly as foreseen, to go out and look for a new puppy. So there was some assistance given to reduce buyer interest in your beloved pet in order to keep him on the market, so to speak, for you to see him and then make the bid when you finally felt a nudge within in the reconnecting with the breeder, and that was enough to conclude things in your favor, and for the benefit of [name withheld] as well. So this is an example of divine stewardship, to arrange love to happen between two soul-intertwined beings. It is a match made in heaven, after all, and there is often some extra effort that goes into making things happen. After all, any loss or inconvenience to others is simply not appreciating that the prior claims of the hearts here did have precedence and so there was no loss to the others, it was simply something not meant to happen in the first instance so there was truly nothing to lose.