DWQA QuestionsCategory: Coronavirus COVID-19He asks: “Then all of these people that are dying in India, (and from other parts of the world), what are they are dying of? If the SARS-CoV-2 is not the culprit, is this infection caused by a bioweapon? Can you please help us understand what it is going on (culling of the population?) so that we can filter all the lies and confusion we all have at this point in time? This way we can focus our prayers on the “proper cause” and direct divine healing to the same, for all humanity at large.” What can we tell him?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

Again, we must answer your direct questions with a direct answer, that you are embracing a disinformation campaign and lending it credence when this is not warranted. Those who are dying are dying as a result of infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which is a real biological organism. It is a true bioweapon in its own right and intended to be so; it was designed to be highly lethal. The fact it is less so, particularly for the young, is a consequence of divine intervention to lessen the severity across the board because otherwise this virus has the potential to be quite catastrophic.

What is happening in India is a combination of two factors. First, that the virus is being delivered in higher concentrations and this is sometimes enough to even override onboard protection from prior vaccination or even a prior non-symptomatic low-level infection that generated some antibody and T cell immunity. The second factor here is that there are fewer people partnering with the divine in a way that is effective, and that is making it more difficult for us to turn the tide in their favor, given the heavier onslaught they face with the high population density, this makes it especially challenging for conventional public health measures to make a difference. No nation has been able to protect their population to a high degree through the usual recommendations of wearing masks, washing hands frequently, and maintaining social distance rules. The virus has gotten a foothold and spread regardless, in all areas where such measures have been implemented, including very strict lockdown of societies as a whole, to force businesses to close, to prevent people from gathering, and even religious institutions barred from holding services with any number of people.

The Extraterrestrial Alliance is in earnest and they can reach anyone they want if they put their mind to it and devote the effort needed, even to have a personal visit in the night to spray virus on people as they sleep is not out of the question. Humanity as a whole is like sitting ducks. What is keeping things going is the result of divine intervention to lessen severity and reduce the liabilities that otherwise would be mounting even more severely than what is happening in India at the moment. So you can know that we are working in earnest to turn the tide here, so time will tell how things work out in the end, but this is an object lesson that this scourge cannot be dismissed as an overreaction—it is a question of level of exposure and the ongoing contest between good and evil governing the outcome.