DWQA QuestionsCategory: Coronavirus COVID-19He continues: “Now, this is where it gets important. The spike protein is not natural, it is GAIN-OF-FUNCTION artificially produced. IT IS CROSSING THE BLOOD BRAIN BARRIER. In animals, especially humanized mice, they develop spongiform encephalopathy, which is MAD COW DISEASE. In the rhesus macaque models, that about two weeks afterwards, they developed Lewy bodies in the brain that cause Alzheimer’s and other neurologic disorders. AND THOSE NUMBERS TRANSLATE INTO ABOUT A YEAR AND A HALF FOR HUMAN BEINGS TO SEE THOSE SAME CONSEQUENCES.” What is the divine perspective on Dr. Fleming’s revelations?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

These revelations again are a combination of conjecture and supposition based on a limited set of tools that are essentially creating a comparison of apples versus oranges. The observations in animals do not relate to human diseases in a meaningful way nor do they reflect the realities of the human illness and its consequences. There can, indeed, be pathologic changes in the brain and in the vessels, particularly due to clotting, but that is not producing Alzheimer’s nor is the supposition that Lewy bodies and spongiform encephalopathy are equivalent to mad cow disease and to what would happen with the vaccine, let alone the full virus in the course of an actual infection. The latter would be far more likely to cause such damage in the brain than the vaccine, which is a short-term creation of spike protein being generated for a time that would then be cleared from the body, having done its work to trigger the immune system to generate defenses and thereby arming a person with an early warning capability. Should a real virus come along containing that spike protein, it would be met with preexisting circulating antibodies in many individuals and an army of cell-mediated immunity primed to recognize the virus through its spike protein coding and go on the attack immediately—that is the nature of protection being sought here and achieved with the vaccines.

This is an exaggeration of a theoretical possibility existing within this doctor’s mind but will not happen in real life, and so his entire thesis can be discounted as being not helpful and a misdirection on multiple counts, and a disservice to those who have to face the risks of the infection and make decisions about their personal healthcare.