DWQA QuestionsCategory: Coronavirus COVID-19He continues: “When you ask the question, BUT DOES THE VACCINE “**PROTECT**” ME??? He says the answer is NO. And their own data demonstrates this. The infection RATE of both the vaccinated and unvaccinated populations after two weeks to 28 days SHOW NO STATISTICAL DIFFERENCE, and again, that conclusion is based on data provided by the vaccine manufacturers themselves.” Is this correct?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

Here again there is conjecture and supposition being added to a very narrow interpretation of a very small window during which the vaccinated test subjects were monitored and, indeed, it is true that there was not a statistical benefit with respect to liability to infection. But keep in mind the incidence of disease was quite low at that point in time of the pandemic during which these trials were conducted, and again the endpoint was not to follow people for a long enough time to see that they remain protected from ever acquiring an infection with the virus, but only to show that injecting them with the vaccine would cause an immune response to the viral protein with the reasonable scientific prediction that that would confer protection. But this was not studied independently and in addition, for the reasons we have stated, because of much greater cost, this would be a luxury, and given the urgency to have a working vaccine at the earliest possible time was considered a reasonable course of action to do what is a conventional approach.