DWQA QuestionsCategory: Channeling PitfallsHe further asks: “In the latest channeling of Questions for Creator, you said that the best way to discern the most beneficial course of action that is in Divine Alignment is to attend to whatever brings loving feelings to our heart. Yet this is just the yardstick that my wife used in being drawn to and believing in the authenticity of the book you say is false channelings. What are we to think now, if even such loving feelings in our heart cannot be trusted to guide us? Who or what—and how—can we trust anything to be beneficial?”
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

We have said before in other channelings that at this time, the truth of the matter is that no human beings can be trusted. This is because of the universal corruption. Trust is a relative term; it is not an absolute, implying rejection in the absence of trust, but more to take caution about what one pins one’s hopes on and puts one’s faith in—that is being prudent and discerning. So the general advice we give about tuning in to one’s heart is not bad advice, it is simply the best one can do in the absence of a deep intuitive awareness that might show a higher level of truth about something and give you an inner knowing that could save you from being taken in by false promises of this kind because a source is corrupted. This is never easy to discern. The danger of the world you are in is that it can easily make everyone a cynic in a joyless existence if you give up trust in anyone and anything, and have no hope there will be anyone you can turn to who will be reliable and even safe to be around—that is no way to live.

The difficulty you are going through here is that you have simply been naïve, and trusting information from sources that makes you feel good and uplifts the heart without having a deep awareness of the scope of the problem, that almost all such sources, no matter how they might make you feel, have been corrupted. This is simply the truth of things and quite unfortunate. It is a universal corruption across the board we speak of here, not just channelers bringing forth “spiritual reassurances and upliftment” seemingly, but everyone in a position of authority—doctors, lawyers, clergy, teachers, healthcare workers, writers, and so on. This is the wisdom in the saying, “Trust but verify.” The latter is ideal but not always possible. Knowing, however, that the vast majority of channelers cannot be trusted, we would recommend taking information from channelers with a grain of salt and not put one’s time and effort into following what they are doing and saying, and you will be spared a lot of disinformation and manipulative disempowerment through what is being conveyed.

This has been the experience of your channel here, who personally followed a number of channelers as his interest in the paranormal was increased by witnessing such people in action and was quite disheartened to learn that others doing channeling like himself were not candidates to be trusted colleagues and collaborators, because the other channelers he looked into were uniformly corrupted, leaving him almost entirely on his own. So you are in good company; it is simply the way the world is, that everything has been corrupted to one degree or another. You simply have to do the best you can to be cautious and learn from your mistakes.