DWQA QuestionsCategory: Channeling PitfallsA viewer writes: “Source Creator, your recent channelings concerning the channeled book about Jesus, were quite heartbreaking to both my wife and I, especially to her, to break that news to her about the negative Anunnaki psychic’s influences of this book. For me, it feels like in its wake I have a new softness of heart for her heart and a respect for her own decisions. It felt like a violation of her choices and innocence, for me to tell her that info about the book, which is why it still aches in both of our hearts. It left her feeling like, if she can’t trust her own heart and intuition, who can she trust? And it left me feeling rather hung out to dry, and with a sick feeling in my stomach, as if to finally come out and publicly state, “I’ve got the truth about this, you don’t, and I am protecting you by telling you this,” which makes me feel and sound, essentially, like a crazy extremist cult member, and my guru says certain books are “dangerous.” My gut tells me I did the right thing in the end, that it will make us stronger (and safer) together, but also that I need to keep all future GetWisdom info to myself, and just keep doing Lightworker Healing Protocols for her protection, guidance, healing, and support, and let her find her own path. Can you please give us the Divine perspective on this whole incident, to further my understanding and healing about it all?”
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

What you are experiencing is simply the burden of having high-level knowledge about serious matters—that comes with responsibility. You can’t un-ring a bell, and when you know something others don’t there are karmic implications and responsibilities to, in some cases, warn others. This is a grey area because sometimes the warning will not be heeded but will cause a rift and greatly disturb the person hearing what they do not want to know, so this is a judgment call in many, many cases. No two people are alike but particularly with loved ones, and especially life partners, things get quite intense and the stakes involved could hardly be higher.

In the same way you love her and want her happiness to be unthreatened, she has obligations towards you as well. If the situation were reversed, would you not want her to warn you about something you are doing that could be a risk and, at a minimum, is false information from an imposter and really not what it is made out to be? Such knowledge is unavoidably painful and it would create an awkward situation between the two of you, inevitably, if you were not prepared to believe she was getting correct information that this source is untrustworthy, and then simply raining on your parade, so to speak, and stirring up this unpleasantness.

So we understand fully how these things are complicated and disturbing for everyone involved, for varying reasons. Even though you have trust in the information coming through your channel, there are limits to what anyone can accept or wants to hear at times because of prior knowledge, and potentially bias as well, creating sources of stress that could result in your belief and trust being stretched to the breaking point. Life is never easy and at times can be quite a challenge. This is unavoidable when you are at the leading edge of knowledge and awareness, and so much of the world is in opposition to what you are learning and see unfolding that fits this picture of the darkness making a steady advance, with people running around in circles fighting over trivialities and ignoring the elephant in the room. So while we commiserate with the both of you because this is, in actuality, a blow that threatens inner peace and comfort and the reassurance this source has seemingly provided, and put something dark in its place, in your mind at least, that is unavoidably unpleasant. But to know something of this sort and keep it secret is not honoring your partner’s trust in you to be a true partner and at times protector and guardian should your help be needed in a tough situation.

Your channel deals with these kinds of issues all the time; it is his least favorite thing, to burst bubbles for people. It was painful for him to do the channeling on your behalf, as you requested, and is feeling uncomfortable as well hearing about the aftermath and the emotional struggle this has created for you and your dear wife, but he does understand and accept this is inevitable because of the nature of the world you inhabit. It does not serve anyone to stick your head in the sand when there are important issues and much at stake in knowing the truth, so we think the problem here is really the corruption by the interlopers and they are to blame for every bit of this misery. To take innocent, loving people and prey on their vulnerability and use them as a source of corrupting other human beings, to draw them into a web of deceit and manipulation because they have become a pied piper for the darkness in attracting the innocent, to ignore that and try to keep it quiet once you know the truth is, in a real sense, compounding the crime.

We do not recommend people foist their beliefs on anyone. That never goes well and will not really help to raise up someone else or help them see the light, it will likely cause them to dig in their heels and greatly resist such attempts to control them. But that is not the same as knowing something a person is doing might be dangerous and keeping silent simply to not cross an imaginary boundary they have put in place in deciding “each to his or her own.” That attitude is fine if it is simply something that is a matter of taste or personal preference, or even an ideological leaning that might be about moral precepts and political issues that have real-world consequences, and so on. But for most couples, those ideas are not life and death and something that feeling one way or another will personally harm them or harm the relationship or one’s partner, it is simply ideas, perspectives, and beliefs about things for which each individual human has only a very small influence, largely through how they vote, but little beyond that, so there is not much at stake if there is a differing viewpoint about such things in one’s partner, and this is why many partners with differing faiths as well as differing politics can still have a marriage that works, by respecting individual choice and freedoms.

But in this case, a belief in something thought to be beneficial and worth following is linked to evil and has evil designs on anyone that might come forward and signal an interest—that is a different proposition and would be no different than perhaps a political organization that is a front for a criminal enterprise or something truly preying on gullible people that is causing actual harm to someone, and not how it is being represented. To not share a revelation about such doings with one’s partner, simply to not cross that boundary considered to be taboo in pointing out something negative the person is drawn to and enjoys, that would be a disservice and could allow harm to happen, in fact. There is an obligation to protect loved ones from harm even if it hurts, even if it is showing them up in some way to be gullible and trusting. So there are greater and lesser evils in an act of sharing information and is simply unavoidable in some cases, that harm will happen, at least hurt feelings.

So given all of this discussion, we do see a path to healing here for the two of you with regard to the interchange and its consequences. If you can have an open airing about your motives and true intentions, this will help things to heal. If she has an aversion to GetWisdom and the teachings for any reason in particular, you can rightly respect that and not proselytize but simply perhaps share things on occasion you think she might be interested in and test the waters and tread lightly. But by the same token, if you have information that something is truly unhealthy or dangerous, there is an obligation to warn even if that information is unasked for and might be upsetting in the hearing. She is a grown woman after all, and this is the risk always when people have differing views and maybe differing tolerances for those they spend time with—each person is different in what they can live with and what they can’t.