DWQA QuestionsCategory: Subconscious MindHow can cells of the body have consciousness that gives rise to cellular memory?
Nicola Staff asked 8 months ago

This is the largest gap in science currently—not appreciating that everything is imbued with consciousness. The idea seems simply absurd to the materialist, that even a stone can think. This is a special kind of thinking that is there for a particular reason and purpose and has its own characteristics depending on the particular body of energy under consideration. A stone has a different experience than a plant or an animal, and this is in keeping with the state of energy it represents, so the cells of the body are an aspect in the makeup of a human being which is a high level of consciousness in action being expressed. It is not surprising, therefore, that even the individual cells in its makeup have a high degree of consciousness within them and a part of their capability. After all, cells have many, many functions, for the most part, and have many layers of regulation and interplay with their neighbors and with distant messengers via nerves, and hormones, and chemical mediators of all kinds.

This interplay of signaling is overseen by a conscious awareness of how things are going. Whether things are normal or not, that is the first layer of awareness that has importance and is a key aspect of homeostatic regulation well known by science, although not well understood as to its orchestration. It is all considered a series of mechanical or chemical triggers with various setpoints decreed by levels of gene expression to create quantities of a stimulus, number of receptors available to receive their signals, and the various intracellular signal transduction mechanisms to parlay those messages into instructions for the cell to alter its function at various levels—from the genetic to the functions of the cell membrane on the exterior border. The cellular consciousness is very much a part of this delicate balance in orchestrating things, so in a state of quiescence, everything is in balance, and this is critical given the trillions of cells in the body that must work together in a coordinated fashion to carry out so many varied functions and support life and all of its doings.

The cellular memory is also imbued with information from the blueprints provided by the morphogenetic field that has a record of organismal form and function both. It is the template used to determine how the energy organizes and what intention is to be followed in coming into a physical-seeming form as the matter condenses from energy, from the very early beginnings of conception within the interaction of gametes to carry on the biologic life. This template is always present—it is a concept of divinity projected from the soul to create the framework for its expression in the physical realm. When the soul is elsewhere in other dimensions, this projection is also what governs the aggregate of energy moving about and doing things, and being present in multiple locations as a routine.

These concepts are beyond scientific understanding at present although the outlines have been described and the consequences of their imprint on living things is coming into clearer focus by those working along these lines. There will be much more to come in the way of revelations here, but you are working with a phenomenon that is basic and central to the patterning of life, and this is why cellular memory can have an influence that is quite profound—because it organizes all of life to begin with.