DWQA QuestionsCategory: Spirit PossessionThe boy having night terrors we cleared with the Lightworker Healing Protocol had another night terror and threw up, with no conscious awareness of the episode this morning. What is going on? Is there a renewed spirit possession?
Nicola Staff asked 7 months ago

This is not a renewed spirit possession, this was simply a nightmare and is the response to the prior trauma, which was extensive. While the spirits have been removed and the boy is being protected at the present time, the wounds to his memory and mind responding to every view of all the trauma will naturally cause ongoing anxiety and fear. This will emerge during the night interval in the dream state as a way to work through the apprehension and the fear of going to sleep that has been generated out of habit. As a consequence, the mind will conjure up the old demons and play out scenarios revisiting the prior assault, and this may continue for a while until the mind has done enough of this processing to begin to let it fade. The divine realm is providing some healing from around the edges that relate to vulnerability and propensity to over-dwell on this, but there is not a capability to simply arrest these thoughts and prevent the boy from thinking. This is why healing can be slow and done in fits and starts because the mandate for allowing free will means just that, so even though this will not serve him to continue focusing on what has come before, because it will stir up old hurt and fear, it nonetheless cannot be prevented. The healing will come from working through this in part and the rest will be done by divine realm from behind the scenes to help ease the other components of fear from other times and places adding to the mix. This will calm down given time.