DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Genetic ManipulationsHow can we best use the platform of Get-Wisdom, and the tools available—prayer and the Lightworker Healing Protocol—to deal with the menace of extraterrestrial impregnation with human imposters?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

It is through the Lightworker Healing Protocol that the answer will come, if at all, because this is a healing need of the first magnitude and will require much diligent work by divine realm to reverse this. It is not difficult and, again, primarily because this is an extraterrestrial project and they are interlopers, so their choices and their activities have much less standing than those of humans, which must be allowed and not interfered with, lacking a direct human request to do fine tuning or to replace human work in some way or another for a valid reason. And even then, there may be many difficulties and roadblocks to slow things down because of the need to respect free-will actions, whether self-serving or self-destructive, or potentially a danger to others as well. Because the handiwork of the interlopers can be removed quite readily in most cases, unless it is being held onto quite tightly by a human victim who is under their control, this is something the divine realm can be more effective in producing a major cleanup and redirection of things. So there are cards we can play, regardless of human perceptions in all this, and to what extent they are open to your perspective about the extraterrestrials and what they are up to.