DWQA QuestionsCategory: DisinformationAre the teachings of the minister [name withheld] who has a large following in the New Age spiritual community worth following, and if not, why not?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

As you see very clearly now from your broadened perspective in partnering once again with the divine, all those who do not do so are lacking firepower, authenticity, and overall benefit in a meaningful way for all of their followers. His message is one of positivity and upliftment, but through self-help processes, through example, through the inspired language, and the encouragement he gives to focus on the positive and to not surrender to the negative that inevitably is stirred up within the being. His use of music as well is a powerful adjunct and reinforcement for the spiritual teachings he gives. This is a divine trapping that assists in a meaningful way with his enterprise, but it falls well short of what is possible. And in comparing what one gains from being a follower and having repeated exposure to his services, it will simply be self-reassurance, a kind of patting oneself on the back that one is being virtuous, one is doing what is needed to focus on positivity and avoid dark thinking. This, as with the spiritual leaders who promote manifesting as the ultimate answer, is largely a make-work program.

It is fine to have a happy period. When one thinks of things that are positive and good, and leaves the troubles behind and shares that mood and desire with a group of other like-minded people who are all being encouraged similarly, to break free of their chains, and so on, all such notions can have a positive benefit, but they will fall short of solving deep issues and deep problems because they are not capable of making a fundamental change within a person. The difficulties that operate very strongly within all human beings are the consequence of trauma experienced and the negative beliefs they instill. These are very much a programming that occurs within the deep subconscious and cannot be overridden by wishful thinking, by having happy times, and happy thoughts. Inevitably, one comes back down to ground level, and then their life experience will encroach. The slings and arrows will keep flying and the past trauma will be stirred up and triggered, and this will cause many dark beliefs to come to the foreground and be operative to limit things and to cause inner conflict and turmoil once again.

So we would view this as a harmless exercise but little more than reading a fictional story of someone who has a turn for the better in their life or sees something that leaves them in a state of wonderment or awe, or a story about someone who does charitable deeds for another, or who can help someone in trouble find their way. All such tales are useful guides for human conduct and can be inspirational by pointing out possibilities, but they will not heal directly nor will they deal with the very deep healing needs within all human beings to some degree, and many have very severe needs, indeed. There are better uses for one’s time if the objective is to become spiritual, and have the benefits that will accrue when done in a legitimate and authentic process of working with and through the divine realm to influence one’s life and add to their experience.