DWQA QuestionsCategory: Healing ModalitiesHow safe and effective is oral chelation therapy with EDTA plus resveratrol, offered by Peak Pure & Natural, for preventing or reversing coronary artery disease?
Nicola Staff asked 1 month ago

We see it as both safe and effective, but will only help some patients and not all, for a variety of reasons. As you well know, any health condition has many complicating factors and underlying driving forces and no two patients will be alike in their genetic makeup, their health status, their overall resiliency and stamina, the ravages of time and consequences of the disorder causing a deterioration of function, and so on. This is not an empty exercise. It is not being overhyped or exaggerated at the level of scamming the unsuspecting and naïve public. There are many anecdotal reports of benefit that are quite real. What is often missing a using an approach of this kind is help for the deeper karmic origins. So as a mechanistic treatment of the existing tissue pathology only, it will do nothing to the karmic predisposition. So the big factor left out of any research to look at the benefits of chelation is the use in isolation, of a chemical manipulation of the body, to attempt undoing a consequence of an end-stage confluence of influences on health and well-being. What we are pre-explaining is that what is truly needed is concomitant use of the Lightworker Healing Protocol along with such therapy, and this is true of many situations where adjunctive treatments, dietary manipulations, and various nutritional supplements, with or without exogenous chemical agents that have a purported mechanistic benefit, are being utilized. Many times, what is needed to gain maximum benefit of such therapies is to have a karmic level playing field to work with, by attenuating the predisposing factors that conspired, in effect, to set a disease in motion and become symptomatic. When the karmic underpinnings are not being addressed, there is a strong headwind that will limit the benefit of any adjunctive therapy. So this is important to keep in mind and it applies to all of the work you are entertaining in wanting to evaluate the relative benefit of the myriad of supplements recommended for many health conditions, or to forestall the effects of aging. You can explore this further with us on a case-by-case basis and will find it quite beneficial to do so, as you are doing here.