DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human Lost Soul SpiritsHow would you recommend we answer our recent client’s offer to pay for Spirit Rescue of three souls of your choosing?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

As you predicted intuitively, we must decline such requests as we cannot play favorites. As you know, there are many, many, souls struggling at this moment still unaided, who are in torment and whose journeys are interrupted indefinitely, pending an eventual rescue. This needs to come from the human side and so few people are aware this is an issue. Most are neglected indefinitely. It is those with a high profile or who have loving family, who in addition are smart enough to understand the possibility they may be trapped, and seek help to remedy things. We like your idea of using his generous offer to help both human and extraterrestrial beings in one fell swoop, to take care of the poor unfortunates involved in the “Giant of Kandahar” episode. As we have told you, there were two American servicemen who were killed by the Anunnaki living in a cave in Afghanistan and he himself is in limbo as well.

This would be a beautiful opportunity to extend an outreach to the enemy, so to speak, and to offer healing and a readjustment of his soul, and at the same time, this would be sending back to the light a true opponent who has been away from Creator for 500,000 years now. This would give quite an opportunity for a spiritual catching up and a realignment of perspectives. This is sorely needed, in addition to which this spirit would most certainly be utilized via mind control manipulation as a continued weapon, working against humanity, to have him make the rounds of living humans and look for their weakest links and stir up trouble within to weaken them and make them susceptible to attachment of dark spirit meddlers. So his actions against humanity would continue from being in limbo, and so he poses a risk to all of humanity. As long as he is in the lower astral plane of the earth realm he will not be idle, so this is a service to humanity on the part of all three beings.