DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mind ControlIn Parkland, Florida, the Broward Sheriff’s Office and the school district actions reportedly contributed to the loss of 17 lives at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High. No one took charge for 58 minutes, while shooter Nikolas Cruz roamed at large firing at anyone he saw. A security monitor spotted Cruz walking through an unguarded gate with a rifle bag 20 minutes before dismissal. He informed another campus monitor by radio, but did not call a Code Red to put the school on lockdown. The school resource officer, who was the only armed cop on campus, drove toward the gunfire. But once he reached the outside of the building, he stayed there and took cover. Instead of ordering deputies toward the building, he called for a school lockdown. More deputies arrived, but hung back while the gunfire continued in the school. Cruz was able to walk out of the school unhindered but finally was arrested on a nearby street. In hindsight, the ineffective actions of the authorities came under criticism. Was this just confusion and cautious hesitation, given it was a school full of children, or was there a hidden reason for the slow response to the crisis?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

If you think about ordinary police work, there are many situations where there are innocent potential victims present during an altercation that could well erupt into acts of violence, including gunplay. So police step into the situation frequently with domestic disturbances and criminal assaults of all kinds and must make split-second decisions to hold fire when it is too dangerous, but look for an opportunity to subdue someone who is a danger to others and armed with lethal weapons. So a mass shooting in a school might be a larger potential cause of deaths, given the concentration of young people in harm’s way, and that circumstance adds to a sense of urgency in getting things under control more so than arguing for delaying and waiting for some higher authority to tell them what to do. This tragedy was like many, many, others before it, of a small or large degree of suffering.

These are orchestrated events where someone is manipulated through mind control to work steadily at tipping them over the edge to take a violent action against others and make a splash. The purpose is to harm as many people as possible and encourage an overall sense of dread, and by making people live in fear and begin to distrust their own authorities, and thus feel personally, they are not in control of their own lives and may not be able to count on anyone else either, in the face of such horror seeming to come out of nowhere. The hesitation and frequent confusion to make first responders work at cross purposes and ineffective in what they do, is orchestrated to happen through mind control every bit as much as what is done to groom the mass shooter to, in effect, give up their life for an illogical criminal act of deadly proportions. While the police do not become unbalanced mentally, by creating a kind of brain fog, the misdirection will prevent a timely response quite reliably. So this is easy for the Extraterrestrial Alliance to bring about, and you will see this continue happening over and over until more people can bring a change to your world through empowered prayer and the use of the Lightworker Healing Protocol, to bring healing intentions to bear on these perpetrators controlling your world, so they will leave.