DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolIn Soul Matrix Healing with the Lightworker Healing Protocol, I am requesting to either Repair and/or Heal “Allergies and Food Sensitivities.” Is that worthwhile as it is something not mentioned by the Protocol?
Nicola Staff asked 11 months ago

As you explained to this client, the Protocol will address such things with respect to physical well-being and those things hindering it. This is one of a very, very long list of consequences from karmic insults and injuries as well as some things in the environment that will trigger the immune system and be rejected by the cells of the body energetically. So there are many physical complaints as well as emotional states that can brew from such external stimuli causing triggering of cellular memory and karmic history of all kinds. So this does not need to be mentioned specifically but can always be included if the practitioner is aware the issue is present and listed as a client issue to put a spotlight on it, as this will always empower the divine realm to give things on the list special attention.