DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mercenary Army Program (SSP)In working on my client who felt compelled to kill a stray dog with a knife [name withheld] when I requested you do a belief replacement for a group of her younger selves, why did you show me a scene where she was shooting UFOs out of the sky?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

This was indeed a clue for you. Because you did her session work as a part of a group, you were not looking at specific details she possessed of the various phenomena you work to heal, and then did not appreciate that she had an alien implant which would have been the clue you needed to perhaps look further out of curiosity as to the purpose and the history here. She indeed was in the Mercenary Army Program (Secret Space Program) and the interesting parallel here is that this is one of the training exercises routinely done with all such recruits, having them kill as a test and as a toughening process, to both create prior experience, to familiarize them to acclimate them to being a killer, so when there is a critical need to serve the Extraterrestrial Alliance they will not shrink from duty and have misgivings, but will be tough and will do what is ordered through conditioning and without second-guessing its appropriateness or even legality.

So they will start with an animal and work their way up to other humans, each step being a strengthening, a conditioning, and a kind of test of their measure of control over the enlistee. It is very analogous to the conventional military training of having boot camp with many physical challenges as well as training these warriors to bayonet targets that look like humans, along with much encouragement of war talk and the joys of being a warrior, and that they are tough and can kill and have many chants to reinforce this message during their exercises, and so forth. The Extraterrestrial Alliance, of course, takes this much, much further by doing direct subconscious programming, which is much more efficient and insidious and can cause a greater overstepping of boundaries that will not be questioned but simply absorbed and acted on by the subconscious. And then the person has a new mode of being they are unaware of until they begin to act it out in the presence of the conscious self. This causes wounding, but the wounding can be primarily at a soul level, with the conscious mind being in compliance and willing to obey commands for the time being.

So the damage will mount over time and that is what is happened to your client. And the incident with the dog was an example of prior conditioning making her vulnerable to such an order, which in the case of this incident, was given by an onboard spirit attachment seeking to cause emotional anguish and to reap the harvest. And this was highly effective, when she was in distress and called her therapist who told her to summon the police, and she found herself committed in a psychiatric facility and has been on antipsychotic medication for the past 15 years, having been diagnosed with a psychotic break. All of that subsequent period of time, with its suffering and all of the self-loathing and self-doubt the episode created had served her spirit meddlers by worsening things for her personally and emotionally.