DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine Guidance“Informed consent” is obviously important to most people, and a fundamentally fair way to manage human affairs. Yet, in the realm of remote healing, it is possible to heal or attempt to heal someone without their knowledge, which would render moot any notion of their consent. Isn’t that dishonest? Can Creator tell us if Empowered Prayer and the Lightworker Healing Protocol are exempt from that concern, and if so, why?
Nicola Staff asked 4 months ago

We see the principle of informed consent as being quite important and many times vital to preserve your rights, with respect to personal sovereignty, and this can save you from many potential adverse consequences in giving you a warning there may be hazards or trade-offs in what is being offered, and so you have an opportunity to think carefully about proceeding. The same principle applies to any kind of healing that is offered by people in service to others. If one is an energy healer, for example, who works remotely, sending their energy into a person uninvited might be well-meaning, but it is nonetheless an intrusion, and the reality is that sometimes it might be harmful because well-meaning healers do not fully understand the details of what they are doing energetically and they might end up being a bull in a china shop, so to speak, and even potentially injure someone or stir up new problems unexpectedly because there is a delicate balance underway they are not privy to.

Using Empowered Prayer or the Lightworker Healing Protocol, which is a divine healing remote instrument, are exceptions to this ethical imperative but for specific reasons. When you pray for someone, you are not intruding on them, you are not sending your energy into them, it is the divine realm that will act on the prayer, and that will only happen if the intended recipient of divine action gives consent through their higher self, as consulted by Creator, prior to doing anything to bring in a change. That is a firm rule of engagement, that the divine will not interfere with human lives in any way unasked. So what we are telling you is, in effect, the divine realm receives a go-ahead or not, as the case might be, from the higher self and, in effect, gives informed consent for Creator to bring assistance or healing, as requested, and will do so in the highest and best way to not cause harm to the person and, if anything, will use divine caution to not overstep the boundaries and cause an unintended consequence even at the risk of not helping to the fullest—that is a measure of how scrupulous the morality and ethics truly are in responding to prayer requests.

The same is true for the Lightworker Healing Protocol, which has much greater power because of its intelligence and awareness of how the divine realm heals, and so is requesting the most powerful and detailed healing strategies, in a comprehensive fashion, that covers all the bases needed to deal with any kind of problem, but here as well, Creator will consult the higher self of the intended recipient for permission for each and every step of the Protocol. So while their conscious self need not know that healing for them has been requested through a practitioner of the Lightworker Healing Protocol, their higher self, at a soul level, will be consulted for permission, and that is keeping within the moral and ethical requirements to be in divine alignment and truly serve the parties involved and their best interests without bending or breaking rules.

Many times the conscious self is so corrupted it is the last source of counsel to be considered in making a decision of whether to have a divine intervention take place. After all, the person might be a non-believer but still able to be helped if a believer requests this to happen. In an emergency, it is better to save someone who has doomed themselves, if that is possible, than to let that self-destructive stance hold sway and determine their fate. So a healer reaching out to someone not consulted at a conscious level is on firm ground going through the divine realm to apply each and every requested intervention, and not the healer personally, because the divine will stay within its charter to “do no harm” and unlike human medicine, psychological therapies, and even alternative healing strategies done by human healers, can truly see to this in a way no human resource can guarantee. Given you are in a world where you must ask for help when you are in need, if someone is unable to do this either because they do not believe in the divine or do not believe themselves worthy, and will not likely be able to receive divine assistance because of deep inner beliefs that are self-limiting and must be honored as the person’s free will, an outside party among the living can be an effective advocate to arrange a divine intervention on their behalf, in spite of their own limitations, to mount an effective outreach to the divine.

We have imparted divine wisdom in great measure to your channel, both about Empowered Prayer, so people have prayers that work, and the Lightworker Healing Protocol, as the premier healing tool for all manner of assistance needed by humans to survive, keep going and flourish, ultimately. These approaches, through forming a divine partnership, are truly the answer for humanity in a most difficult time when things are so working against you, and human progress and even continued survival are uncertain given the forces of evil arrayed against you. There are many ways we can help you, individually and collectively, but there must be humans making specific requests for this to happen—it is time to step up and play your part in this grand collaboration at a turning point in the history of the universe!