DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolIs it enough to request that the client’s thought plane, akashic records, and all negativity in the collective unconscious (both human and extraterrestrial) matching issues of the client be healed or is there a better way to accomplish the fullest healing?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

The question of how big a bite you can take of the Apple here is very akin to the issue of whether you can work on more than one person at a time, and if so, how many. The size of the healing problem can be rate-limiting with regard to the reach of the practitioner. The same is true when taking on the human collective unconscious. It is quite a large reservoir because of the huge numbers of humans who have added energy. This include includes not only living, but dead contributors as well. Keep in mind that thoughts are things and they persist. The energy continues on, even prior thoughts of long ago are in the collective unconscious. This is why societal and cultural parameters are persistent.

This is largely noticed when there is a problem or a deficiency of some kind that seems maddeningly resistant to improvement—things like racial prejudice, gender discrimination, mistrust of people with ethnic differences from the self, and so on. These issues are so persistent because of the large history experiencing friction because of them existing not only within the akashic record, but also within the collective unconscious. The fears, the hatreds, the dark thoughts, the condemnations, judgments, are all alive and swirling about and will be connected to by living humans wanting to see the pulse of the current world. It will be a composite of current and past human contributions to the collective pool of energy.

Eventually, through healing, the energies will shift or fade or be excluded altogether. This is what happens when there is a unanimity of current thought. It will overpower the historical relics and will drive them out in a very real sense. The universe will reabsorb those energies because they are now considered to be obsolete through the collective judgment and wisdom of the whole of humanity. This is the ultimate victory in the shifting of ideas to new principles and ways to bring love into the world instead of discord. So you cannot shift such a large reservoir of human-created energy single-handedly to right all the wrongs of history that may still be reflected in that repository, but you can carve out a niche for your client to help insulate them from being a match to darkness contributed by others.

So there is a kind of energetic pathway created by a person reaching out to the collective unconscious and that will have a kind of history as well. It is much like having a discreet phone line put in place. It has your name associated and it will have a number of things available to you from prior queries you have made, much like you have a list of contacts with a speed dial mechanism to put in a short code and actually save time to summon them. This prior history sets people up to get rapid answers which are very much the same often times, especially when there is a history of problems that persist. They will keep checking and they will keep getting slapped by the same negative data shown to them again and again and again. And the reason is because they are expecting it, they have created the pathway to it, and now it is already queued up for them and ready to be launched back their way when they check in again.

This is the mechanism that can be healed for the asking on the part of the person, to clear out these sets of past assumptions that one needs to connect with dark subjects and dark conclusions out of habit, and then the connections will be broken and the dark energies themselves go back into the pool, but they swirl around in the mix of energies and, in a sense, become diluted. You are no longer seeing them as the first energy encountered with that outreach. You will see a neutral pool of positives and negatives once again. So it is as though you go to the beach and the waters are calm and there will not be a shark there when you first put a toe in the water waiting for you to take that first step towards them because you have gone there many times before and been bitten. Cleaning up all of the old opponents and negative patterns of thought and dark conclusions in terms of one’s connection to them is much like calming a stormy sea and letting the sun shine once again. It will not be automatic at first blush to see the negative, and will allow new possibilities for connecting to something more positive in the future. And this is the path to well-being and allowing things to improve overall and create a new way of living, to be raised up and happy from day to day.