DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolIs it ethical to do a Lightworker Healing Protocol session for a non-believer without their knowledge or permission?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

It is perfectly ethical to request divine assistance for anyone, at any time, for any reason. If it is a calling of the heart and in divine alignment, it will be truly a blessing and this is why humans were created in the first place, to bring love to others and implement an outreach of love when a situation calls for it. This is never wrong or unethical to do on anyone’s behalf. All of the world’s religious traditions have taught this down through the ages, that you can pray for anyone, for any reason, at any time. That, in effect, is what the Lightworker Healing Protocol is—the practitioner carries out a series of high-level, focused, specific, and informed prayer requests about all manner of phenomena and bringing to bear a number of extremely powerful and far-reaching healing tools used by the divine realm to provide healing, and that combination of savvy, intelligence, and a compassionate heart makes them an effective advocate even when a person is in terrible shape personally in ways that will impair divine help normally.

To be a friend to others in need is divine and not an intrusion. The ethics are in fact sorted out very carefully by Creator in answering the requests of the practitioner by always consulting the higher self of the client at a soul level to have its permission in keeping with any karmic lessons underway that may mandate continued suffering for a time, in which case the divine will stand aside, but in most cases the higher self will give permission and the healing will be applied in ways to best help the recipient. There are many who bring such blessings to others through their prayers. They may not know the Lightworker Healing Protocol and how to request assistance with such great specificity and power but, even so, their prayers count and can sometimes make a life and death difference for their target even when praying for a stranger they hear about who is suffering and needs help. Such deeds will go on record and will bring many blessings and rewards in the future through the Law of Karma.

This only reinforces the reality you need not hesitate in having a generous impulse to help those around you even if they are uncooperative or unreachable. Many times such persons are too ill-informed and corrupted to even be entrusted with their own welfare. So consulting them and allowing them to be the gatekeeper on their potential salvation is putting the power in the hands of the misguided and often self-destructive victim and, in a sense, is a karmic wrong when people are designed to help others in whatever way they can.