DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolIs it of value to do a Soul Reset for all locations worked on, as we do for all human clients? Will that help Gaia heal more completely from all the harm caused by humans, spirits, and extraterrestrials?
Nicola Staff asked 6 months ago

This will be very helpful and that is why you have thought of it. Your question, like so many of your questions, describes the issue at hand and contains the solution as well. Your asking for validation and confirmation is a useful exercise to get the official pronouncement about the wisdom of your words, and we understand the need for this exercise but do want to recognize your keen insights, and your careful and thoughtful and loving attention to detail, knowing what is at stake and having the responsibility weighing heavily for the healing of virtually every being in the earth plane.

The soul of the land is a parallel to that of human and the high-level beings in the animal realm. Gaia itself has a soul and this is because it is a highly refined, sophisticated habitat of many beings and energies that must work in a coordinated fashion or live among one another in harmony, at least under ideal conditions. There are many ways in which the soul of Gaia is expressed. It can be a force for positive change, primarily energetic in nature, and this does happen on a regular basis in helping all living things in many respects.

Any discord, as you know, that happens through human hands as well as actions of the interlopers, especially on humans and other forms of life, will cause soul wounds for Gaia and register on the land itself. So any human dwelling located anywhere can be potentially in close proximity to a past scene of negativity that resonates still within the energy of Gaia itself. Gaia needs to heal in the same way human beings need to heal and given a sum total of millions of years of mischief, a Soul Reset is just the thing to restore inner balance and achieve the greatest degree of healing possible. So this is a worthwhile inclusion on a routine basis. The divine realm will understand where and when, and to what extent to implement a reset, as it can be adjusted according to need and fit in with an overall plan for incremental healing of the planet as a whole.