DWQA QuestionsCategory: PrayerIs it possible for the divine realm to supply the actual ingredients, or an equivalent benefit, if people who cannot obtain an expensive U.S. nutritional supplement make a prayer request for that to be done on a daily basis?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

Here your question is a thoughtful one, that such a replacement for a product that is taken as a nutritional supplement would need to be administered at regular intervals and is best supported through prayer by making such a prayer at regular intervals. This supplies a commensurate human investment in the enterprise to take your time and energy in making a request that is dutiful with respect to the needs of your physical being, but also with reverence and respect for the energies of the divine realm being requested on your behalf. We can indeed supply something, seemingly out of thin air, that would be an equivalent benefit of any particular nutritional supplement, because this supplies the needed ingredients for action on our part. We need a request from the human side. It needs to be done with specificity, so we have a direction ideally, as to what needs to be done and something about how to go about it; in this case, to have the benefits of a particular supplement be given to the person and on a daily basis to provide ongoing benefit. And that request will have been informed by some understanding by the person on the human side of why that would be of value and what is desired to happen when the substitute is administered. All of the details are important elements here, to provide a complete, informed, high-level request from the human side for divine assistance, and those ingredients, if the belief quotient is sufficient, will enable us to do what is asked and quite effectively.