DWQA QuestionsCategory: AngelsIs it true that every human being has a guardian angel and if so, how can we communicate with them? What do we look for if they are trying to communicate with us?
Nicola Staff asked 3 years ago

This is quite true. There are multiple beings in spirit, meaning consciousness, that will be always in tune with the individual and participating in their existence if only as an observer. The thing we cannot overstress is there are strict rules about divine intervention. So the first thing here is that the guardians have but a very limited role to play. This is to allow you to have your experience to the fullest and that may well include being killed. They cannot stop this from happening unless you ask for their assistance. So this is a major misconception that because people think they have guardian angels nothing can touch them if their faith is strong and their heart is pure. That is not so. It may be so if they ask for that protection and support directly. If they assume it is there, they will have the experience of having an assumption lead not to what they expect but something else. It is like assuming you have flood insurance. Unless you contact the insurer and perhaps pay the dues you do not have flood insurance, it is that simple. The same is true for divine realm, we are always present, we are always watching and we always have your best interest at heart but are powerless to prevent you from putting yourself in harm’s way if you choose. We cannot countermand your decisions, your carelessness, or your willful disregard of warnings and cautions. So the way this process works is that within each person is their higher self link to the soul level and to Creator and other divine beings. The higher self is in charge of maintaining the individual’s physical existence to regulate the flow of love and light to keep things in tune. If the person chooses to harm themselves this must be allowed by a higher self but the higher self will be watching and it has the capability in its charter to send warnings, to give nudges and inspiration from within about a wider array of possibilities and alternative choices and to sound a kind of inner alarm if the person is proceeding unwisely.

This is what people experience as a pang of conscience if they are about to tell a major lie, or do something to break a law, or a breach of trust they have agreed to between themselves and another. Their conscience will weigh in. This is the higher self reminding them, they are on dangerous ground. It cannot stop them but it can warn. This is one way the divine realm shows itself. The guardians can do the same, they can send a warning to the person “look out!” and they will often engage with the person’s subconscious mind to tell it to come back to awareness at which point someone behind the wheel of a car may suddenly focus on the road and see someone is swerving into their lane, whereas they were preoccupied thinking of something else, or perhaps fiddling with a device on the seat next to them wanting to see who was calling or what have you. Those little moments of snapping back into awareness and saving the day happen every day to many people and it may well be their guardian angel stepping in with an opportunity for the person to save themselves from their choices. This is an example of the interplay. It is always subtle, it is not done with fanfare, it is designed to be that way. It is not a shortcoming that people do not talk to their angels and have the angels talk back to them. Many yearn for that experience, and that is part of the yearning overall humans have to be once again among the divine ones and to be with Creator. That is not your current reality. As physical human you are on an excursion cut off from communication for the most part. That is part of the ongoing learning you are involved in and is not abnormal in that sense. It is not the normal way of things for a light being, but it is normal for human to be on their own and isolated. Many do have an intuitive reach to allow them a greater enjoyment of linking to other beings like guardians and higher self and beyond. And that is quite fine if they are choosing this and are capable.

There is no limit we place on human and what they can do and not do. So we are just wanting others to not feel they are lesser in any way. These are sometimes the cards one is dealt, so to speak, and is not a failing or a shortcoming in the usual sense. You are all inhabiting a faulty system. It has been engineered that way by interlopers to rob you of your ability to connect with the beyond, and it really is the ability to connect within, for the divine realm is within you and not out in space somewhere beyond your range of sight. So this is not a failing, there is always opportunity in reaching out. When you make requests of the divine at any level, including the guardians, you will be heard and the request will be answered to the extent allowable within the rules. There can even be messages exchanged if you want this to happen. So you can ask for signs you are being listened to and being heard and those will be granted if it is possible to do so in a way that does not jump over barriers you yourself may have in place unwittingly. So when you have cut the communication lines there is no way to send a message, it may have to come more indirectly, perhaps by manipulating something in nature to happen. This can be done as well to show you things, to make you aware of certain things you would see as a sign. So this can be brought to your conscious awareness in a way that you will see someone is listening, someone is watching, someone is causing that to happen. Many people have had that blessing in many different ways—finding a feather in unusual circumstances, finding coins again and again and again and again and again, sometimes in an unusual setting in an unusual array.

These are all small miracles and they are the easiest to arrange for a person’s benefit because they are personal. We cannot come out into the open in a way to convince all of our existence, that would be bypassing the purpose of this entire enterprise—to have humans face the gravest of challenges to faith and see how they do. We cannot catch everyone up. This must be done by humans themselves working among one another and that is the same in making connection to the divine realm on a personal basis. Some things are allowed, some are not. The asking will be answered in some fashion. It will also require faith. When you want to connect, you must believe, you must have a strong belief that it is possible and you must also have a strong belief in yourself that you are worthy and will be so honored. If either of those are lagging the communication likely will not happen. This is your prior decision to fall short in some way by letting yourself have an erosion of inner belief in yourself or in the Divine. This is all up to you and we cannot correct for any deficiency you put in place. You may need to work a bit on this to have things unfold in a more direct way, and that is part of the picture, and also a part of growth and personal enlightenment the entirety of humanity is working towards as a return to light being status, so those yearnings are very appropriate and very much on track with the need for growth for all.