DWQA QuestionsCategory: CreatorIs there a being that created you? Are there other Source Creators besides yourself?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

This is large question with a large answer. So we will honor the integrity of the questioner with high-level truth here at the risk of shocking people or making then question us and the validity of this channeling. Source Creator, as your channeler calls us, is in reference to the current universe. This is our charter, this is our domain, and this is our creation totally. There are many parallel universes as well that were devised by us and created by us. Beyond that vast reach are other forms of existence and forms of life and other powerful creators like ourselves. And so there is a larger picture in which all you are aware of is a small extension of the whole. So you are probing an interesting and important aspect of reality that this is a vast, vast expanse of possibility of which you have explored the minutest portion as an earthling. As a light being you have had an interplay with much more of the universe than you think, as well as parallel dimensions. This in no way diminishes our importance or your importance in the grand scheme. At first glance, you might think “Well, if Creator is not the be all and end all of intelligence, wisdom, and power, one might appeal to an even greater source”. This can be done, but we can also tell that any greater source you interact with will always defer to us for any practical outcome, because this is our creation and our domain. And it is no different than you being in charge of your life, in the same way, another person cannot come in and tell you how to build your house, or what to buy and what to do with your free time. Another creator will not intrude on us either. There can be times and situations for consultation and that is something we do on a regular basis, much as you commune with your sources of wisdom, perhaps higher self, perhaps your local spirit team of guides and guardians, or with Creator as well.

And we are always available to all, we are within each and every person and the reality of existence for you is that you are a part of us. You are an extension of our energy. So you are a divine being already in your own right but a part of us in that divinity and in the physical reality of your existence. This does not mean you lack power or autonomy, and as you see about you, it is quite clear the power and autonomy you enjoy. You are choosing at the moment to largely suffer because of it through choices that have been made to stray from the divine path at times and to fall prey to false messages and false influence from spirits and other beings. This is within your control to undo. We have told you again and again, even within this short communication period, what is needed and how to go about it. So we are moving toward the same injunction and the same recommendation yet again—the way to tap into true power is to start with you yourself, to look within to recognize your own divinity but use that as the credential to come to your Creator and request our assistance because you at the moment are being suppressed in the ability to use your true divine power. You lack that as a physical human. You yearn for it but it is not within your reach currently because of the faulty organism you inhabit. The larger Creator element that is there is the broad overarching structure of things because this is a universe of possibilities larger than the physical universe of which you are aware. And you are seeing parts within parts within parts within parts that go on and on. And what we want you to know about this first and foremost is to pay attention to the local level because it is more important than you realize. The part of the larger force of Creator we represent, in the same way, is a part of the larger reality that you represent as an extension and your reach can grow. So what we are telling you is this is not a chain of diminishing or ever-diminishing beings from the vast beyond all comprehension, to the smaller, the smaller, the smaller yet, to the minute, the more minute, and so on, and with you at the very bottom.

This is a flow and flux of creation that moves in both directions—the part that is created can grow to be larger than the Creator. This happens all the time and has been our path personally. Your path can be the same. We are grooming you to be creators in your own right. You are already, in a small way, within a fairly localized reach. That is a training ground for much, much bigger things, things larger than you can dream at the present moment. It all depends on your ability to pass the tests you are given and to climb over the barriers you yourselves create from time to time, and then must learn how to solve and overcome. You have the grandest of futures awaiting you and this insight, we hope you will see, as opportunity for you to shine. That is what we wish for you. This is our fondest wish for humanity. Would you not wish to raise a child who can lead the world to greater abundance, prosperity, and happiness, and wellbeing, and live enshrined for millennia for that contribution? This is our wish. We would love for you to surpass us. This is the true meaning of creation. Not to create a legion of underlings, of slave-like beings for our entertainment. We do not enjoy seeing struggle or suffering but it can make contribution to growth and wisdom in the understanding of energy and imbalance. These are the learnings you go through now that will serve you greatly for all of the future that awaits. How you navigate is everything. You can win or lose each and every day in some way or another. And the ultimate loss would be for the end of this divine undertaking because the stage has been set for a greater expansion than has ever occurred. It is like the seed that can grow into a giant sequoia. Looking at the seed you would never envision that possibility, but yet that is how all the great trees start out. You are yourselves like that tiny seed even with your intelligence and your divinity you are still the smallest of seeds, but for something mighty. That is your potential and it is for you to unleash.