DWQA QuestionsCategory: Subconscious MindIs it truly possible for people to accurately connect to their experiences in between lives using hypnosis as an adjunct, or is this simply wishful thinking by the subconscious wanting to fill in the blanks and not a true recollection?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

This is not truly possible, and this is the reason you had difficulty when you participated in this process and you have wondered since then the reason why—whether it might be a failing in some way or perhaps being on your guard because there were things you are not supposed to know yet about your mission or something of that kind. It was simply the case that using hypnosis in the way intended and described by the originator of this process, one cannot simply go back in between lifetimes and have a meaningful connection to anything that took place while in the light. This is beyond the reach of recall because you are in a completely different state of being energetically and functionally. It is a great divide, so to speak, between realms, so there is the ability to penetrate the veil from the side of the light but not vice versa. That is why true channeling is needed to have direct interaction. Intuition can receive glimmers but mostly through connecting to akashic records rather than, in the moment, direct interconnections with the light itself and beings in the light.

‘What happens in earth stays in earth’ can be considered a useful rule of thumb. The akashic records of experiences in earth plane are in a special repository that differs from the light being phase of existence, so there may be some crosstalk but for the most part will be out of reach and this is not a part of normal interaction. There are many accounts of experiences and doings that people see intuitively for their time between lives, their interaction in other worlds and so on, and these may be accurate to some extent but they are not quite the same as seeing the akashic records in the usual way that pertain to the human experience, so the information will be more fragmentary. Those things that are recalled are mostly when there are interactions with beings from other worlds taking place during the physical lifetime. These events will be on record and the akashic record will be recallable, as well as visits to other realms if done as physical human. The time between lives is different. Prior lifetimes in earth plane and other worlds is a part of the akashic record, which contains all that happens in the physical that is accessible to the physical being themselves via intuition. All they have done as light beings will not be.