DWQA QuestionsCategory: Subconscious MindCan a so-called life between lives regression using hypnosis create vulnerability to intrusion by a dark spirit or an extraterrestrial psychic? If so, will a prayer for safety prevent this?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

The same considerations apply here, only more so, because the intention is to reach higher, to reach into a very ill-defined and normally out of reach experience. This is inviting an opportunity for an interloper to gain access to answer the call, so to speak. This is much closer to channeling in that one is wanting to see the divine plane in action and has little idea what to expect what it might look like or feel like and will be making an open-ended and broad outreach, having no experience or training in how to be selective. This will create a very broad and visible beacon that will be noticed and can be followed to the source with an engagement of consciousness from an extraterrestrial as the reward. This can be done very cleverly to maintain the subterfuge so no one suspects, because it seems like useful information is coming forward and the person will feel quite proud of themselves in having made such a connection and will enjoy hearing the ideas and descriptions that may come forth without realizing that it is phony. It will set the person up to have a relationship and then in the future with any kind of similar intuitive exercise, they will be noticed all the more quickly and there will be re-engagement with this psychic and the client will be in their stable, so to speak, and will likely never break free. A prayer of protection is always a good idea in any kind of outreach with the subconscious. This is all the more true here because there is an attempt to go beyond the usual boundaries and this is always broadcasting one’s presence, and once noticed, will be followed up with a response from the extraterrestrials.