DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human CorruptionIs it useful to think of hypocrisy as the “anti-Golden Rule?”
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This can be a useful perspective because it is the opposite of the stated aim of the Golden Rule, “To have others treated as you would have them treat the self.” This creates a basic equality and fairness across the board. If one does not hold themselves to a lower standard that is expected of others and in that action treats them unfairly, does an injustice of some kind, but then expects to get off scot-free, bending or breaking the same rules once themselves and often maddeningly to outside observers, seem not to be aware they are doing so or perhaps are so insensitive and inured to the importance of being in alignment with all one does, they simply ignore the reality they are committing an infraction of some kind and will be causing harm to others. What they fail to see in this is they are harming themselves even more greatly than the injustice they are causing. This is no different than any other kind of misconduct, it will be seen by the Law of Karma and there will be a day of reckoning that comes along when anything they have gained will be taken away from them, and more so by the Law of Karma meting out justice to them even as they denied justice to others perhaps long before, but eventually karma will do what’s needed to restore balance once again to the universe.

In a sense, the Golden Rule is reflecting a basic operating principle of everything in the universe that “All depends on balance and balance is a requisite for smooth functioning and a divine expression, which takes into account the needs of all and what would be fairest to all involved in anything that happens.” When someone acts selfishly to get away with something, they are, in effect, taking something away from the universe to some extent, they are robbing the universe of a loving equanimity, a balanced fairness that is the availability of an equal amount of love to all. In that selfish act, they are throwing the universe itself out of balance and it will have effects far beyond the person doing the harm and the person or persons they are influencing most directly. This is a lesson people often fail to learn given an entire lifetime because they do not see the causal connection between their own actions and a distant event when karma is finally catching up with them. It is far better to comport oneself according to a general rule of “good behavior” as a kind of insurance against making a misstep that will cause serious harm to oneself inevitably.