DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mercenary Army Program (SSP)Is my client [name withheld] a veteran of the Mercenary Army Program (Secret Space Program) or just in the abduction program, as evidenced by his alien implants?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

He has been involved in both. This is true for many in the Secret Space Program. They are, in a sense, the cream of the crop who have emerged from observation and an understanding of their lineage through DNA analysis across generations. So, many, in fact, are cultivated to become highly attuned to this service and adapted to some degree as well, to be suitable and to resurrect prior training even in their makeup. So he has been in the program in prior lifetimes and has continued in the current lifetime to serve as well. This is the reason for his difficulties, because there is a very large karmic history of trauma that always accumulates in individuals commandeered against their will and in opposition to their soul and its divinity to carry out dark deeds. While they are duped while in the program by being given cover stories that they are in service to the country and to the world at large as its protectors, there are many soul wounds that happen during the training with the extremes of duress and the unethical and illegal conduct demanded as conditioning and tests of resilience and compliance.

This is the case here, and the reason for his struggles. There is much healing needed and many rumblings he is having trouble dealing with. This is not at all uncommon because the contrast between his true spiritual nature and who he was conditioned to be while serving in the Secret Space Program were in many ways polar opposites and this leaves many raw nerves that will cause such veterans difficulty in their normal life. It is very akin to soldiers coming back from combat and resuming civilian life and never feeling comfortable because too much has disrupted their life for it ever to feel normal. This is largely subconscious, but it is the subconscious level of the mind that causes trouble because it puts the person in conflict with themselves in a way they cannot even observe directly, let alone deal with. So, much healing is needed here.