DWQA QuestionsCategory: HealingIs our autistic client, [name withheld], truly hypersensitive to light or is that a misinterpretation? Does he have synesthesia?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

He is very sensitive to light. He does not always show this. He will react internally but not exhibit outward signs, and this is the consequence of his difficulty with communication in general. There is much that happens, much he perceives, much he thinks about that remains opaque to an outside observer because he does not know how to communicate many, many, things. And so this will be unappreciated because it is simply not on display. He lacks the wherewithal to convey his thoughts as desires for interaction and communication, and so there is much advanced thinking that happens that is not reflected in outward behavior, and so this is not perceived by those around him. He does have synesthesia. This is a correct interpretation of one of the things he was describing during your HMR session. This is not a major problem for him, merely a personal characteristic and an interesting aspect of his mind and how it operates. It is not a liability per se, in the context of his life at present.