DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolDoes my autistic client, [name withheld], need a recheck of released spirit attachment from our Protocol, or is he recapitulating his memories?
Nicola Staff asked 3 years ago

The behaviors he exhibits are all a function of memory-based information that surfaces, to which he reacts. So when there is any distress it is because of past negativity. This is always a healing opportunity and need not be feared. He is not being triggered or had an increase in his discomfort from any of the channeling work. On the contrary, it has provided healing for him on an ongoing basis that is helping him to remain more stable and will have many benefits as time goes on, because the gains will be cumulative and will be mutually reinforcing in a kind of synergism that will become greater and tend to accelerate when enough investment has been made in helping him change for the better. You are not there yet, but this is the potential. There is benefit in doing a protocol session from time to time with him, mainly to repeat the advanced healing requests that are quantum in nature and being applied on an ongoing basis among the parallel lives. This will continue to pay dividends and will act to synergize with the Soul Reset underway. It is much like clearing the road before the ambulance comes along. It will accelerate the progress by smoothing the way with all the healing that is done representing removal of obstacles in the way of soul restoration.