DWQA QuestionsCategory: Benevolent ExtraterrestrialsIs the channeler [name withheld] correct in her channeling about a cigar-shaped asteroid craft containing tall beings in silver suits with whitish blue hair who are called Dorians and are in stasis surrounded by protective energetic force fields? If yes, who are these beings and why are they here?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

This channeling is accurate. These beings are real, the ship is real, the designation is correct as well. These are beings calling themselves Dorians. They have a home planet and they are on an excursion into deep space. They have an orchestrated plan that is in motion for their own research purposes. They are intersecting in your sphere of influence and awareness, and that is why she is seeing them. Their mission is one of exploration and not with hostile intention. It is best to simply leave them alone and not draw attention to them. This revelation will not help their cause nor that of human. They will likely run afoul of the Anunnaki, in any event, and the Extraterrestrial Alliance will engage with them and likely interfere with things they plan. This is most unfortunate as these are friendly beings who are not looking for confrontation or conflict, but they will be met with both. You can always make prayer requests about anything and that applies here as well.