DWQA QuestionsCategory: Channeling PitfallsIs the channeling work of [name withheld] in general authentic and reliable in accuracy?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

His work is in general reliable and authentic. The interactions he has are always heavily colored by his own beliefs and his own agenda that may be unstated, and this is true across the board with all divine communications. As you know, it starts with you what you bring to the exchange—your desire, your intention—shapes what comes in reply. This is always the case and always provides a context-specific response. This is a misunderstanding of most who look at channeled material. They assume it is a broad message, Moses-like, intended for all, when in fact it may be given in a very narrow context defined by the channeler his or herself, and therefore not broadly applicable. That will usually be undecipherable by a subsequent party reviewing the work. This is the case with much of this channeler’s work, that he is looking for certain kinds of answers and information and will often be told a very narrow spectrum of possibilities as a consequence. This is just a difference in personalities and the way the minds work between you and him. You are always seeking open-minded great truths, come what may, whereas he is seeking confirmation of his intuitive impressions and those are always filtered through his own biases and current beliefs, so in reaching out for confirmation may receive a very narrow consent that only speaks to the narrow specifics of the outreach, so this will color what happens.