DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human CorruptionThe prominent spiritual figure [name withheld] seems focused only on sweetness and light. Is she truly working with the light, or has she been corrupted?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

In the broad sense, all are corrupted because all are subjected to relentless programming, and each person living has been shaped and altered by this barrage that is relentless and life-long. She, too, is subject to manipulation and this has caused the change in career direction. It has diminished her power and reach and she has become more sidelined by going her own way. This was done through an appeal to ego that backfired on her and slowed her momentum greatly. She is also being manipulated to stay within the sweetness and light spectrum of topics. To be sure, there are some difficult issues discussed, but always within the context of the saving grace coming from self-help in some fashion and not a higher power, and this is relentlessly programmed into her. She does recognize the spiritual and thinks of herself as a spiritual being and spiritual force, but like so many others has become convinced that it is a do-it-yourself world and a do-it-yourself project to become a highly spiritual individual and to do this on one’s own. This, as you know, is a largely futile exercise. While you can be a good person through choice and maintain a divine way of living, you will not have the reach of the divine because you are not choosing to invite that in. There will always be a deficit under those conditions. So she is not a reliable or useful person to interface with at this point because what she allows in her programming will be very, very, constrained and that is very much monitored and seen to by the interlopers.