DWQA QuestionsCategory: Higher SelfIs the higher self an extension of the soul or a separate entity?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

The higher self is an extension of the soul. It is not a separate being pressed into service who might serve for a time and then pass the baton to others, as happens with spirit guides. The higher self is a working part of the construct. In the construction of independent beings, the soul is always the anchor, is always the starting point, and is the complete definition of the individual. When a physical human is created there is a soul extension created as well to serve as the higher self, and being a bridge to the soul level and the divine realm in a broad sense. This is a true lifeline because this is the gateway for transmitting life force energy into the person without which they would perish. So it is much like an air hose to a deep-sea diver. Without it, life will terminate and the same is true for the gateway through higher self to the soul level. It provides energy and provides a communication channel, both, so the individual in the physical is not truly on their own. This is the great harm done by Extraterrestrial Alliance in restricting the interconnection with higher self. They have created many, many problems for humans, which is their intention. So this is an important deficit to make whole through healing.