DWQA QuestionsCategory: Non-Local ConsciousnessTo what extent is human consciousness contributing to warming of the planet? What about other aspects of negative climate change events?
Nicola Staff asked 3 years ago

Human consciousness is a major part of the warming that has been observed in recent years. Keep in mind that fine measurements have only happened over the last one and a half centuries so there are no long-term records to show small fluctuations, nor other history to make correlations, so the data would have little value even if it were available.

The difficulties in society being stirred up by Extraterrestrial Alliance, the many, many problems, and the frustrations, and doubts, and fears generated by the unfairness of society, the corruption of human institutions, the uncertainties of life, and the inequities on multiple levels that create uncertainty about how anyone might fare in a particular circumstance all contribute to anxiety and fear. This takes a toll on the planet because the projections of the many human minds do pile on and add on to the energy of Gaia. And this happens largely in a negative way through the fact that there is so much suffering. The suffering registers on the planet and will influence the sun as well, and this adds some warming to things. Even the concern about global warming ads to warming, and that is the reason you had this alluded to in prior channeling.

The contribution of fossil fuels and other carbon emissions sources are a minuscule contributor. Consciousness is as large as any other component, but in fact, as you have read, it is helpful to have a warmer world rather than a colder world, and it would also be helpful to increase the CO2 levels because this would be very, very helpful for the greening of the planet which would add oxygen and would create a greater margin of safety. Everything would grow faster and better were there more CO2 in the atmosphere. It is not a liability, it is a benefit.